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Dr. Evan Chait – Certified Physical Therapist in Park Ridge NJ

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Dr. Evan Chait, PT, L.Ac, CNRT

Physical Therapist Specialist

Dr. Evan Chait PT, L.Ac, CNRT, is the co-founder of Kinetic PT in Park Ridge NJ. Evan is a physical therapist, acupuncturist, herbalist, nutritionist, and personal trainer that has received top accolades in the health and fitness world. Dr. Evan has developed one of the strongest physical therapy and personal training teams in the country.

Evan Chait has co-authored the Sports Injury Guidebook with Dr. Robert Gotlin and The Physical Therapy Prescription with Dr. Grant Cooper. He has been featured on ESPN radio and ESPN magazine. In addition, he has consulted with the NY Knicks and NJ Nets and has worked with over 75 professional athletes.

Mr. Chait is the founder and creator of the Chait Neuropathic Release Technique (CNRT), a multidisciplinary assessment and treatment technique that treats chronic and acute pain patterns. CNRT has helped over 3000 people and has had a very high success rate.

Evan’s passion for helping people and his devotion to learning differentiates him and his company from others. His TEAM are the leaders in the industry and have set exceptional standards of care. In addition, his TEAM participates in 8 hours of clinical education per month to increase these standards. Furthermore, each physical therapist is certified in CNRT, and it is exclusively found at Kinetic PT.

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