Kinetic Physical Therapy Center



Kinetic Physical Therapy Center in Park Ridge NJ

Kinetic Physical Therapy Center (Kinetic PT) is a physical therapy service provider. Kinetic PT is on a mission to deliver results by providing highly specialized and customized treatments and training regimens/programs for you to cultivate a future of health and well-being.

Kinetic PT is providing a unique service to facilitate health and fitness. We offer a unique blend of physical therapy and personal training to help you achieve your personal fitness goals. We are dedicated to providing efficient and safe therapy services to get you back to your healthier and more active life.

Here at Kinetic PT, you are not just another number. We treat every individual with respect, dignity, and empathetic care. Our patients are of high value to us in every way – our physical therapists give their time to you to understand you on a personal level. Without this bond, personalized rehabilitation plans are hard to achieve. Through a complete assessment of each patient’s specific goals, weaknesses, and medical history, we fine-tune each therapy plan to meet the patient’s needs.

Customized Care You Can Count On

Kinetic Physical Therapy Center provides a one of a kind fitness service, and you have the good fortune to avail it right in your city! Pick up the phone today to avail the physical therapy and personal fitness services of Kinetic PT in Park Ridge NJ.

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our expert giving a unique blend of physical therapy and personal training to a patient at Kinetic Physical Therapy Center Park Ridge NJ

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