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Pain is the natural response of your body to an injury or illness. Usually, once the injury or illness heals, you find relief from pain. However, for some people, pain continues even after the injury or illness has been cured. If you are still feeling pain 3-6 months after an injury or illness has healed, then you are suffering from chronic pain.

Chronic pain not only affects the body, but it also affects your overall quality of life. The following risks are associated with chronic pain:

  • 25% of patients suffering from chronic pain will acquire Chronic Pain Syndrome
  • Chronic pain causes clinical depression, anxiety, and mood swings
  • Chronic pain can lower self-esteem, affecting your personal and professional life
  • Fatigue and exhaustion can also be caused by chronic pain
  • Chronic Pain can cause insomnia and sleep deprivation
  • Chronic Pain negatively affects your relationships
  • More Drugs or alcohol abuse
  • Chronic pain can incite suicidal thoughts

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Chiropractic treatments promise long-term relief from chronic, debilitating pain. Chiropractic treatments reduce pain and prevent future pain, allowing you to live a pain-free life. Sokratis Dragonas is the number one chiropractor in Westfield, NJ offering effective treatments. We provide a complete range of chiropractic treatments to increase your range of motion, enhance muscle flexibility and above all, reduce your pain.

Our expert chiropractic specialists, acupuncturist, and nutritionist will develop a long-term and efficient chiropractic treatment care plan which will not only reduce your pain but will also:

  • Boost your immunity
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Decreasing mental stress
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Relieve muscle tension

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