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About Lyons Chiropractic

Lyons Chiropractic is the most reliable and sought-after chiropractic treatment center in North Plainfield, NJ. The facility is run by a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree holder and experienced physical therapist Dr. Paul F. Lyons.

Dr. Paul F. Lyons is an excellent chiropractor, successfully treating patients out of his private practice for 25 years, Dr. Lyons provides customized treatment and care that can make the difference between recovery and health or lingering pain and disability. His chiropractic experience is diverse, but he specializes in treating traumatic auto accidents and sports injuries.

Lyons Chiropractic in North Plain field

We provide relief from back pain, neck pain, arm and wrist pain, leg and ankle pain, and pinched nerves pain resulting from auto accidents or sports injuries. Dr. Lyons prescribes a personalized chiropractic treatment plan for each patient after an extensive evaluation. At our chiropractic center, ultrasound technology is used to relieve muscle tension while chiropractic care is given to strengthen muscles and prevent future injury.

A female in severe 'chronic pain' getting the treatment from a specialist

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