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A patient of degenerative disc disease during a checkup from a lady chiropractor at Premier Health Center Hackensack NJ

Degenerative Disc Disease Treatments in Hackensack, NJ

Degenerative disc disease is not as much a disease as it is a name for the wear and tear that can happen to the spine as we age. Our discs are made of a tough, rubbery exterior and a soft spinal canal interior. They sit between the vertebrae to act as shock absorbers. As we age, the spinal discs begin to degenerate, causing damaged discs and severe pain. This can cause herniated discs, bulging discs, spinal stenosis, and bone spurs. In some cases, degenerative disc disease leads to the numbness and tingling in your arms and legs. It can also make your leg muscles to become weak. This means the damaged intervertebral discs may be affecting the nerve roots.

Common Symptoms Include:

  • Muscle tension or muscle spasms
  • Lumbar Spine Pain
  • Pain in the buttocks
  • Pain in Upper Thighs
  • Increased pain while bending or twisting the spine
  • Worsening Pain while Sitting or Standing up
  • Temporarily Relief by Changing Positions
  • Inability to Lift Weights
  • Compromised Range of Motion

This leads patients to seek degenerative disc disease surgery in Hackensack, NJ; however, spine surgery and spinal fusion can be avoided by administering effective chiropractic care and physical therapy. The bones of the spines and the discs between the vertebra benefit from effective spinal cord therapy and manipulation. After a physical examination, we offer our patients with bespoke treatment options.

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