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An athlete feeling pain and holding his knee thinking for the treatment at Light Touch Rehabilitation Center Bloomfield NJ

Sports Injury Treatments in Bloomfield NJ

Athletes and sports enthusiasts often hurt themselves in action. High School team players are usually seeking therapeutic exercises and even resort to sports medicine physician because they are in pain from their sports injury. They find it hard to compete in physical activity and exercise program. Following are the most common injuries.

  • Basketball/Volleyball players – ankle sprains
  • Golfers – Back and shoulder injuries
  • Martial artists – hamstring strain
  • Runners – Chondromalacia patella, patellar tendonitis, Achilles tendonitis
  • Skiers/Snowboarders – knee, shoulder, thumb injuries
  • Wrestlers – Rotator cuff injuries, Back injuries
  • Skiers/Snowboarders – knee, shoulder, thumb injuries+

You think to yourself I am an athlete, where can I find reliable sports injury doctors me? The answer is Light Touch Rehabilitation Center. We diagnose and treat our patients, and our treatment improves mobility. We have experienced physical therapists and primary care physicians who will prescribe individually curated treatment plans, which will include physical therapy and exercise programs.

These sports injury treatment plans will address pain management stemming from sports-related injuries and will enhance your range of motion, the ability for physical activity, and training in sports. We make sure they get back to the field as early as possible. Light Touch Rehabilitation Center provides the most comprehensive Sports Injury treatment in Bloomfield, NJ.

Call us now, and we will get you back in the field in no time!