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Northern NJ Chiropractic Associates 1


Dr. Ronald Reeves did an amazing job on my lower back pain, he was caring and courteous, I highly recommend him to all my friends and family

Northern NJ Chiropractic Associates 12019-07-12T14:20:55+00:00

Clifton Street Newark – 1


“I had a serious back injury after a motorbike accident. I lost my ability to sit and stand properly as I had pain in my back constantly. But after visiting here “Clinton Street Chiropractic Center” I must say their chiropractic doctors have magic in their hands.”

Clifton Street Newark – 12019-07-01T11:23:50+00:00

Advance Rehabilitation JC 2


I am pleased to say how well I have been served by the Advanced Rehabilitation of Jersey City over the past few years in the care of my disabled daughter. I can surely recommend the service because this is truly a special and customized service.

Advance Rehabilitation JC 22019-10-30T09:46:00+00:00

Advance Rehabilitation JC 1


I am a working lady in a beauty salon. I was completely tired of my pain issues and lost my ability to work regularly but after having treatment from the physical therapists of Advanced Rehabilitation of Jersey City. They help me navigate my daily needs and make my life easier [...]

Advance Rehabilitation JC 12019-10-30T09:45:47+00:00

I- Health Hackensack 3


I love this center; it has the best environment and staff in Hackensack. The physical therapists are easy to talk to and they give detailed answers to my questions. I will surely recommend it to my friends and family.

I- Health Hackensack 32019-06-27T12:16:17+00:00

I- Health Hackensack 2


I was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis and my physician recommended physical therapy. I have been going to i-Health Physical Therapy since then and the therapists have been working with me to improve balance, decrease the amount of bone loss, correct posture and alignment among other things. I am very satisfied [...]

I- Health Hackensack 22019-06-27T12:15:02+00:00

I- Health Hackensack 1


I am 32 weeks pregnant; I was experiencing constant pain in my lower back for the past three weeks. I did not want to try medication, my friend recommended i-Health Physical Therapy and I am extremely happy that she did. Dr. Mukherjee is a Godsend, she has been treating me [...]

I- Health Hackensack 12019-06-27T12:13:55+00:00

Lyons Chiro – Northern NJ 3


I am glad that I was recommended by a few people to this chiropractic office and have seen excellent results. The doctor is extremely knowledgeable and is there to answer all your questions. Good luck to you as a new patient.

Lyons Chiro – Northern NJ 32019-06-27T11:54:21+00:00
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