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Sunup health care 2


Sun Up Healthcare has really helped me get back on my feet, i live pain free now. I cannot thank Dr. Omerkiam enough, as I write my patient review, I highly urge citizens of jersey city who are suffering from chronic pain to give chiro a try.

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Petracco JS 3


Dr. Lawrance & others at Petracco Chiropractic Center made me feel at home! They are courteous and listened to my pain problems with attention and then devised a treatment plan that was effective for my excruciating back pain. Thank you guys!

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Petracco JS 2


The staff and environment of Petracco Chiro is welcoming and well-mannered, I received the best care I could ask for, I highly recommend them.

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Petracco JS 1


Dr. Lawrence is truly a magician! He provided me the best treatment for my neck pain. I cannot thank him enough.

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NJ Health & Injury Solutions 3


De La Torre Chiropractic has helped many members of my family and me. They provide a vast array of services all designed for one outcome – better overall health and physical stamina. I highly recommend them.

NJ Health & Injury Solutions 32019-11-04T09:06:19+00:00

NJ Health & Injury Solutions 2


Dr. Jorge De La Torre’s compassionate and attentive behavior is only surpassed by his excellent chiropractic treatment.

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NJ Health & Injury Solutions 1


Dr. Jorge De La Torre is a magician! He made my pain go away. I highly recommend his services!

NJ Health & Injury Solutions 12019-11-04T09:05:49+00:00

Premier Health Center Hackensack NJ 3


I had been dealing with low back pain since i was in high school. I have tried other chiropractors in the past and had some good results. Since I have been seeing Dr. Kim My back has felt great and I no longer have the pain in the morning when [...]

Premier Health Center Hackensack NJ 32019-07-12T15:47:09+00:00

Premier Health Center Hackensack NJ 2


I had been having pain in my shoulder and left arm for over a year now. I started going to Premier Health Center about two months ago. Dr Kim and his staff are great! I have 90% less pain

Premier Health Center Hackensack NJ 22019-07-12T15:45:55+00:00

Premier Health Center Hackensack NJ 1


I have been receiving therapy for my knee and neck and I am very happy with the service provide by Dr. Kim and his staff. Since i becoming here i have improved 99%, they are amazing! Keep up the good work guys!

Premier Health Center Hackensack NJ 12019-07-12T15:42:45+00:00
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