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I always wanted to try chiropractic care, and I am glad I chose Sokratis Dragonas, DC PC, to be my chiropractor. They have the nicest staff, and I always look forward to my appointments. I feel that I have better posture and more energy now. I highly recommend them as [...]

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My eight-year-old daughter has been seeing Dr. Dragonas for the past month; I cannot tell you how happy I am. She has scoliosis by birth, and Dr. Dragonas’ spinal decompression and chiropractic care have reduced her pain considerably.

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I am so glad I went to Dr. Dragonas. I have been living in constant pain ever since I got injured in a motorbike accident. Since I started having chiropractic sessions at Sokratis Dragonas, my pain has reduced by 50%. I will definitely recommend Dr. Dragonas to anyone suffering from [...]

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